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posted by: Helmut Steinberger
Last Updated: 24 March 2019
Created: 21 January 2015
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QuickQSL, QSL Cards Printing Tool

Now it starts to get viral hi

More and more OM ask me if they can use my software. The answer is yes, but there is no manual yet and the Wiki is just at the beginning with nothing but headlines in it.

So if you want, you can use it, but at the moment there is no support. I am working on it and I am looking for volunteers. If you think, you can help to fill the Wiki with live, than please contact me. You can co that by clicking on the email address you find on the Impressum page. I am also looking for help to make the Wiki (and maybe the software) multilingual. If anyone could help me, please contact me.

A word to the donate button. This is not to make me rich hi. First it's a small experiment. I just want to see how many users are out there that donate some amount for a free available software without beeing forced to do. On the other hand I will use a part of it to support this website. No worries, if nobody donates, this project will not die. I can effort that from my own money, if necessary. 

Everything that will exceed the cost of this site, I will donate to a good cause. I will decide what cause, when I know how much it is.
So no need for bashing me for the donate button.

Download and read for more details in the Wiki