Ham Radio website of OE4HDS

On this site you will finde infos about QuickQSL, a QSL-Card printing software that I wrote, because I could not find a simple and flexible peace of software to print my QSOs onto my QSL cards.

After testing several programs over 2 days and failing, because none of the tested programs could do the job as I wanted them to do, I decided to make my own program.

I got a lot of input from buddy HAMs and thanks to their support, I could improve the program to a level, where it is really useful for me and my buddies. So I decided to maake it available to all HAMs who are looking for something like that and may use it as it is. Many thanks to OE4MXB and OE4JHW for helping me with some really useful input.

Of course, everyone is encouraged to give me feedback, but please be patient, because I do this in my rare spare time and not for earning money.

The software is freeware, but anybody who likes it and finds it useful and wants to support me keeping up this website and the improvements of the software, please feel free to make a small donation. You can find a donate button following the menu item "Software QuickQSL".